IJT Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table, Team Standings

IJT Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table, Team Standings

Domestic first-class cricket competition Points Table should be compiled by Cricket Australia. Check Points Table of Sheffield Shield 2017-18 to know which two teams are leading to the race of final. The competition is contested in a double-round robin format.

Each team plays with every other team in two home and away matches. Points are awarded based on wins, losses, draws and ties, with the top two teams playing a final at the end of the season.

  • 6 points awarded for each match won
  • 1 point per team taking part in any match with no result and any match which is draw
  • 0 points awarded for any match loss or 1st innings win.

Australian domestic test tournament, JLT Sheffield Shield 2017-18 scheduled to be held from October 26, 2017 to March 27, 2018. Regular matches played for four days and final of Sheffield Shield is a five day game.

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Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table(PLD – Played Matches, PTS – Total Points)

Pos Team PLD PTS
1 South Australia 0 0
2 Victoria 0 0
3 New South Wales 0 0
4 Queensland 0 0
5 Western Australia 0 0
6 Tasmania 0 0

Points system
Win: 6 points
Draw: 1 point
1st innings win: 0 points

Bonus batting
First 100 overs: .01 for every run above 200
Example: 350 runs in the first 100 overs, (350-200)*0.01 = 1.5 points, Batting points are uncapped until 100 overs

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