How different are Dhoni and Kohli as a Captain

Indian Team ODI, T20 Captain MS Dhoni and Test Skipper Virat Kohli Both Are Great Player and Great Captain, Only Difference is Approach Towards Game. Dhoni Always Keep and Calm on Other End Virat Aggressiveness Makes him Perfect and Popular Among Young Cricket Fans, As a Cricket Fan I Love the Excitement of Players Towards Cricket Game. Here are Some Dhoni and Virat Great Things That Makes Them Great Captain :

MS Dhoni

  • Dhoni is like that one cool teacher who leaves you in your own way, still extracts the best from you.
  • To Dhoni, winning is important. But winning something important is more important.
  • Dhoni, the captain had/has the privilege of Kohli, the batsman in his team.
  • Dhoni is a captain India deserves. But not it needs right now.
  • He likes to play with the same combination.
  • Dhoni is calm on the field and rarely shows any emotions.
  • He is calm and composed.
  • Neither celerates when India wins nor shows any dissapointment when India loses.
  • Can’t Say !! Sometime He Finish Game in Style, Sometime Not.

Virat Kohli

  • Kohli is like that one aggressive teacher who makes you do things and instills a moto in you that topping the class is must than a just pass.
  • However to Kohli, winning every game is important.
  • Kohli, the captain never had MSD, the keeper-batsman in his team.
  • For now, it needs Kohli…Virat Kohli.
  • Willing to try different things, More Chances for New Players if Kohli is Captain.
  • Kohli remains animated on the field and backs his boys under all circumstances.
  • He is tit for tat in verbal exchanges.
  • He is very expressive. Celebrates immensely when India wins and can see the disappointment when India loses.
  • If Kohli Play Till End, India Never Lose.
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